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my view...

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, July 29 2021 at 04:47:40AM
In reply to Do I believe in God? Let's see... posted by griffith on Thursday, July 29 2021 at 00:10:43AM

I would never in my life ever.. do that AA shit. It works to a particular IQ level, and I will never ever bash those for whom it works. I actually don't like it when some here bash religion because they know they've got it all figured out by their 20's. Well, you aren't other people, and it's not your place to judge them unless they're forcing their newfound shit onto you. In those cases, please, have at it.

We're all individuals. We are all searching for what works for us, and some of us just have better bullshit detectors than others. Never let that gift make you bitter toward anyone else. Their journey will always be different from yours or mine. We all have to get there when it's our own time to get there.

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