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Just the inroad excuse

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, August 05 2021 at 11:39:07PM
In reply to [news] Apple to scan all US iPhones for child porn posted by Husky on Thursday, August 05 2021 at 5:13:16PM

by one of the plotting evil corporate entities embedded with government.

I'll never defend porn. It's real relationships I prefer to stick up for. I honestly wouldn't give a damn if people got nailed for sharing porn with their phones.

However, it's the cause everyone's been trained by the media to never speak up about, no matter what is being proposed to combat it. To speak out against the proposal means you are defending a disgusting perversion that destroys lives.

Granted, I doubt there is anyone with half a brain engaging in anything remotely illegal via their smart phone unless they live in a country where everything is a messy free-for-all, but it is still a bigger precedent than that.

In times when political winds are shifting so quickly, and where nearly everything is tracked, what is perfectly legal and not-suspicious today can quickly become tomorrow's target. And if anyone doesn't believe future technocratic tyranny will go after people retroactively for things that were still seemingly okay at the time they occurred? Well, you can thank today's cancel culture for cluing you in to what's in store. It is not a pretty future.

I do as much as I can with cash, through VPN's, etc., even things that might seem innocuous today. The global society is in flux. You have to think ahead to what worst case scenario realities might bring your way for past actions.

Don't trust media. Don't trust tech. Sadly, don't even trust the top-down medical voices anymore. It is all corrupted, and the unwashed masses are pawns in a forced new reality that does not allow them sway, no matter how many millions of "peaceful protesters" stand around singing Kumbaya.

Home school your kids. Keep them away from needles. I sound crazy, but I am used to being vindicated later, so don't fret for me. Take care of your kids all, no matter what you think my personal intentions toward kids may be. My urges may be hideous to most outsiders, but I wouldn't lie about the things I see coming.


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