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Can A VPN Ever truly Be trusted ?

Posted by Robert777 on Saturday, August 21 2021 at 10:27:24AM

The primary purpose of any vpn is suppose to be to protect your privacy that is what you are paying them for I have research a great many of these and have notice one thing they all share in common,When you search there AUP and TOS and Privacy ;policys all the ones I have come across all basically say the following, We fully cooperate with all law enforcement a investigations, So lets break this in a nut shell You are paying someone to protect your privacy that fully cooperates with all Law enforcement investigations Now if that is not the biggest contradiction then I do not what is,What it comes down to is this anytime you are using a company to do something for you then you are putting your self at risk any time that you have to pay for something then you can be tract, and when it comes down to them or you then you know who its always going to be.

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