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Ping: To all our posters.

Posted by GirlChat Committee on Saturday, January 05 2008 at 7:21:53PM

To everyone,

[Note: The following post has been put together by all the members of the GC Administration. We will repost this every month or so to remind everyone about Internet Safety and Security - please take the warnings within very seriously, and read the entire post.]

In this time of vigilante decoys, online security is more important than ever. We want to remind everyone that just because a person claims to be something, does not mean they are. Also, just because someone is registered on this forum and possibly others, does not mean they are actual Girl Lovers or Boy Lovers.

Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous time, where our enemies would destroy us without a second thought. Given the motivation and the unscrupulous nature of our enemies, a healthy skepticism towards even posters with whom you have become friendly is warranted. In particular, some of those enemies are from Perverted Justice (PJ), whose main goal is to expose the various members of the Child Love (CL) community to the world. They attempt to infiltrate CL boards by pretending to be fellow CLs or even male and female teenagers. Several people have already been exposed by PJ because they were careless with their real life (RL) information either on a CL forum, or in off board contact via email or IM with a decoy.

Vigilantes like PJ are in fact more dangerous than law enforcement; cops are only interested in you if you break the law, and it is easy to avoid them by strictly staying legal; these vigilantes want to out you and destroy your life (and that of your family) just because you post on a CL board. They do not care if you obey the laws or not, they do not even care if you are a CL yourself or just someone posting, more or less sympathetically, on a CL board.

The GC Committee feels that it is yet again time to remind our posters that they cannot be too careful when it comes to sharing personal, RL information with any member of this community. If you chose to have email or IM contact with posters from GC, please remember the following:

Always use a secure and anonymous email account during any off board contact with another poster, so you do not reveal your Internet Protocol (IP) address and thus your location and possibly your identity.

Never sign up for any personal sites like myspace or facebook using an email address that you also use for sites like GC. This is the number one way Perverted Justice tracks down people, by doing google searches using a posters GC email address. If you are careless, your email address will lead them to a RL blog or personal web page and you will then be exposed.

Never reveal your actual location, real name, or other identifying details to someone unless you are fully prepared for that information to be made public. In fact, if you do reveal such information, expect it to be shared with local law enforcement agencies and Perverted Justice immediately.

Be especially careful with people who claim to be underage, and certainly never offer to meet a minor that you know only on the internet in real life. In fact, we highly recommend that our posters simply avoid as much contact as possible with minors off the CL boards. It is just very easy to let down your guard and share RL information with a well trained decoy [note: This has happened to more than one poster here].

Never trade any form of material with someone off board, no matter how legal you think it may be. Even if totally legal, such material could contain trojans, viruses or spyware. Never admit to any illegal or potentially illegal activities to any person online. (Note: We do not think our posters do anything illegal).

Remember, even if you are not breaking the law, exposing yourself in RL as a child lover has serious and life altering consequences. Once this information is public, it can never be taken back and it will stay with you for the rest of your natural life. It may cause you to lose your friends and even family members. You will likely lose your home and your job. This cannot be overstated. You must never reveal any information about yourself unless you are fully prepared to be outed in real life.

The Girl Chat committee would also like to remind everyone that one does not have to be registered to read this board. Anything you post can, and most likely will, be read by those out to do you harm. Be careful what you say and how you say it. Once something is posted on this board, it can never be taken back.

We would also like to remind our posters that just because someone makes a youtube video claiming to be a pedophile, or that they support pedophiles, does not mean that person can be trusted. Perverted Justice has many young looking decoys, who could easily record youtube videos of support in an attempt to gain the trust (and personal information) of posters at the various CL boards. Please do not make such videos yourself in response to these "support" videos. Exposing your face to the world is as good as posting your real life name. Please use extreme caution if you have any contact with those individuals. Some of them may very well be actual teens who are pedophiles or pedophile supporters. That is irrelevant. Do not share real life information with them under any circumstances.

We expect our posters to understand how serious this is. This is not a game, this is your life. PJ will call your home. They will call your family and friends. They will call your job. They will spread fliers all over your neighborhood exposing you as a "child rape advocate", simply because you post on this forum. The next time you even think about revealing your name to someone from this board, think about this paragraph and ask yourself if losing your job, family, home and life is really worth it.

Surf Safe everyone.

GC Committee

Please note: Posting will be disabled for one hour after this post is made to ensure that it remains at the top of the index and is read by as many posters as possible. In order to help keep this post as visible as possible, we would also ask our posters to refrain from starting new topics during the next 24 hours (or do so sparingly). We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

GirlChat Steering Committee

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