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B4U-ACT 2013 Volunteer Initiatives

Posted by Matthew Hutton on Wednesday, February 27 2013 at 02:20:26AM

B4U-ACT, Inc.
2013 Volunteer Initiatives

B4U-ACT is currently seeking volunteers with an interest and/or expertise in Social Science research/academic writing, a respectable track record as a participant on various MAP message boards, and/or well educated about the history of the online MAP community to assist the organization in offsetting its massive to-do list for 2013. Initiatives include:

BL RELATIONS DIRECTOR: B4U-ACT seeks someone (preferably with a respectable presence on more than one board) to comment, monitor content, and maintain B4U-ACT’s presence in the online BL community.

SCIENCE ASSISTANT: B4U-ACT seeks somebody with a Social Sciences background and good library access to join the science team as a "Science Assistant." This person's primary role would be to familiarize him/herself with the research on pedophilia in order to help compile resources, including:

1) A bibliography of research on non-forensic, non-clinical samples.

2) A list of topics to suggest to interested parties regarding what to research, including topics B4U-ACT would like researched, as well as a delineation of characteristics found in forensic and clinical populations researchers might try to replicate in non-forensic, non-clinical samples.

WRITER/HISTORIAN: There are a number of recent historical topics that B4U-ACT would like featured in academic publications in an effort to circulate more accurate information about MAPs.

Please contact B4U-ACT for more information about any of the above initiatives.

Glen Lamb, Science Director

B4U-ACT, Inc.
P.O. Box 1754
Westminster, MD 21158
(443) 244-9920

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