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White guy with a beard made of straw.

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 2:17:15PM
In reply to My Confusion... posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 02:48:36AM

However, I mentioned earlier on in the thread that there are scientific proofs that there is no God.

As long as you insist on defining "God" as "White guy with a beard" then of course you will find that. You're begging the question.

Welp, the existence of other planets is actually one of those proofs (!), since all ancient religions really claim that we are the only planet.

And ancient peoples knew how to heat metals to liquid, mold them into pots, knives and shields and make alloys. But you know, since they didn't say anything about atoms and the periodic table, that is proof that metallurgy and alloys don't exist.

In fact, they claim that the earth is not round.

In fact, they claimed that there were four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Definitely not hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluoride, neon...

The existence of any laws of physics at all is actually proof against God, since they provide explanation after explanation for the way things work. There is no "spiritual glue" holding things together as ancients once thought, instead there are scientific laws for everything, right down to the big bang.

The existence of civil regulations at all is actually proof against a Constitutional Convention, since they provide rules after rules for the way things work. There is no "juridical glue" holding things together as ancient lawyers once thought, instead there are codes, statutes, acts and rules of procedure for everything, right down to how to pass new ones.

God, if he exists, could have made the universe any way he wanted, yet instead it's the way it is for some strange reason;

> There is no omniscience
> GL in Lyrics is omniscient
Choose one,

with many bizarre things about nature and the universe as well. And what's the deal with pooping?

Engines have exhaust fumes. Light bulbs produce heat. It's called Laws of Thermodynamics, and I would've thought a scientist knew them.

There are so many absurdities out there. Nothing screams "holy" to me. Life, nature, and the universe are all quite absurd and I cannot wrap my mind around why God would make things work the way they do.

Because the human intellect is limited.

That's my whole point!

You claim that because knowledge exists, such as 1+1=2, there must be a God? That doesn't sound like a very fair trial to me. More so, since you claim (and I believe you) that you're not ignorant on the sciences I spoke of, why then is it that you appeared to lie about what was essentially an "intelligent design" statement? Why not just say from the get-go "Knowledge exists, so God must"?

I did say so.

For facts to be objective, it requires truth to exist. One truth, not two, not zero, not an infinity. Just one.

Further, it requires truth to be knowable. Not necessarily yet known, and not necessarily known 100% in the future, but at least theoretically knowable. Knowledge has to exist and knowledge of everything needs to be possible.

You refuse to call that God? That's, to me, trying to hide behind a dictionary. Pretty clearly such a truth would fit all the attributes of the divine of the major (not just Abrahamic) religions.

In order for infinite and certain (objective) knowledge to exist, then it has to exogenous to the limited human intellect. It has to be an inherent property of the totality of everything.

I would call it God and I would call it omniscience because those are words which match those properties.

You refuse to because you insist that God can only be a White guy with a beard, and nothing but a White guy with a beard.

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