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Hmm, as popular as cannabis...

Posted by jd420 on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 10:43:47PM

One, a report by a team at Huddersfield University, estimates that as many as a tenth of adults in England and Wales take part in “online sexualised conversations” with children and teenagers aged under 18.

It is unlikely that the proportion of adults in England and Wales who engage with {child porn} would fall below [the] more conservative estimate of 4%

Between a quarter and a third of {persons} who {engage in intergenerational sexually-themed activity} are female, according to international studies.

This is interesting for a few reasons, not the least the 'zerg rush' aspect.

No country in the world can lock up 10-15% of its populace and not collapse. The US, home to the world's largest per-capita prison population, broke down at about 2%, even with a heavy focus on looting.

Meanwhile, these are presumably persons who, frankly, aren't exactly using mindblowing computer security. Do whatever you want with no security, and you've got "security of the crowd." Not that I'd recommend it, just that this is the state of things.

The fascinating thing about this is... is almost exactly the same number that used cannabis in the last six months. The bottom-floor estimate suggests more child porn consumers than the entire LGBT community, but depending on the amount of overlap, from none to all, either "just barely less" or "more, possibly much more" people engage and act on a sexual interest in the underage, than consume cannabis.

This can give you an idea of frequency and undefeatability, and also, you're absolutely guaranteed that at least a couple more people in your neighborhood are not only vaguely interested in sexy twelve-year-olds, but in fact that there are multiple people in your neighborhood who are actively trying to hook up with sexy twelve-year-olds.

Perhaps it's time to figure out how to put these numbers to use... very, very good use.


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