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GC as a debate forum

Posted by sadlife on Monday, January 29 2018 at 1:48:20PM

ChibiSmurf started a thread below titled, "Religious Views". It took me a while to read through all the replies. As I read, at first I was disappointed to think that the responses were so "intellectual", trying to answer a question of religion with thoughts. Then I came across this by GL_in_lyrics:

This is essentially a debate forum, am I right?

Maybe it is intended to be by the architects, I don't know, but it isn't for me. I tried using it as that a few times but I don't care much for debates.

I came here looking for people that have an attraction same or similar to mine for little girls, wondering if I was a bad guy for having those feelings. I didn't feel like a bad guy so I wanted to experience if I thought the people that hang out here seem 'bad' to me. I found people that are loving, like I feel, and would never want to hurt someone they love, a child, just like I feel. It is comforting and pleasurable to share that feeling here with others, knowing it is all part of God and does not need to be seen as bad.

The concept of God and the religions that have been formed to share and express various concepts of God, as I believe, cannot be debated or argued. As science has doubted the existence of matter at all, the closer it looks, I too have surrendered to the brilliance and obvious nature of a mind behind it all. But this comes from my heart, not my head.

And even if I'm wrong and the universe is more random than it appears to me, I don't care. I am comforted by the feeling of love (God) as the force that unites all of the pieces into a whole, converts the duality to unity.

I'll find out soon enough if anything is left over after death. I choose to live until then with love as my God. I love life, I love God, and I believe God loves me.

Near the end of my long read on that thread, I awoke to what was going on between the words and ideas and facts and arguments and I felt much better knowing that it was just more truth seeking by loving hearts. Don't go away mad GL_in_lyrics. Don't go away at all. Send us a GM, we all like those.

I hope the minister that started this thread returns to tell us what 'he' thinks of the 'debate'. Thanks to all of you for a nice read.


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