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persons with pedohebephilia

Posted by freedomday on Tuesday, January 30 2018 at 7:42:37PM
In reply to Asking for feedback posted by Frederica on Monday, January 29 2018 at 11:06:59AM

I always get irritated about "persons with", there is a therapist "gary" who posts in the girl forums who also uses that terminology. it makes it sound like a disease.

when i was younger i was pretty much oblivious, i was always bemused when my peers or adults would remark on some teen or adult girl being "hot", I was "whatever", I didn't ever see it. I did see it in regard to the little ones however, but they never made such comments about the little ones, LOL

when I got older i started thinking, "do normie men have the same type of visceral reaction toward women that I have toward girls"?

so more recently I have seen the FMRI studies which confirm that pedos do in fact have the same type of brain reactions toward girls that normies have toward women. Including the FMRI study that just used face pics without any separate sexual stimulus.

would your thesis committee not approve using just "pedohebephile" without the "persons with". would your university accept a thesis on "persons with homosexuality"? I bet not, LOL

If I'm diseased, then so are homosexuals, LOL neither of us is normal

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