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Asking for feedback

Posted by Frederica on Monday, January 29 2018 at 11:06:59AM

Dear members of GirlChat,

We are still recruiting for our survey about experiences of sexual and romantic attraction in persons with pedohebephilia (links: or, for previous discussion, see:

There are a few themes we would like feedback on, and we welcome any member’s thoughts on this. I cannot promise we will use all of it in the future, but I hope we will.

- Language: do you feel that our use of language was appropriate, and if not, would you have any recommendations to better our use of language?
- Security: As we have learned that perhaps the use of Tor + a https website covers most of the security issues, more input on security, or what would encourage you to participate in the future, is very welcome.
- Age categories: we have been discussing trying to delineate between stages of development. The ages in some people’s opinions do not say that much: some 11 year olds will have entered puberty, while others have not. Did you feel the age categories we chose (0-3, 4-7, 8-11, 12-14, 15-18) appropriately capture stages of development, or should we use other categories? Would you feel it would be better if we used terms such as infants, children, prepubescent, pubescent, postpubescent? Of pedophilia, hebephilia, ephebophilia, etc?

We are also very interested to hear whether you would have any ideas for us in the future that you feel are not captured in the current research. So far, we have had recommendations to perhaps look into the time period when it became clear that you had feelings for children. Another recommendation was to look more extensively into the types of fantasies; with this I mean that there is a difference between “consensual petting” or “aggressive sexual intercourse”, and differences that occur here.

As I understand some of you might have taken the survey a few weeks back, I will of course check back regularly and am more than happy to refresh one's memory about what was in the survey.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their participation and their feedback!

Best regards,

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