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Dakota Fanning is hawt.

Posted by Hajduk on Friday, February 23 2018 at 3:36:41PM
In reply to My Trucker cents posted by luvme2times on Friday, February 23 2018 at 11:17:20AM

There is this woman I knew mid 2000s. She is nice. She is committed to several projects with an overall positive impact on the world. She loves young people. But don't let her start on veganism or climate change.

There is this guy I knew also mid 2000s. He is fun to be with. He is politically active. He is gay and his politics are also gay friendly. And yet he is ambivalent on pedo issues: half of him obviously recognizes how pedo issues are an extension of the sexual politics he defends, but half of him still associates pedophilia too much with sexual abuse cases.

There is this other woman I knew also mid 2000s. Half of her is a lover of the world and of improving it; while half of her is bitter, misanthropic, vengeful and full of herself. At her best she is a force dedicated to help people no matter where, how and why. At her worst, she's just an articulate version of a high school bully.

There is this other woman I knew late 2000s. I even crushed a little on her, as she looked (and still does) younger than her years. She is a little lazy, imho. But she is bright. And she is truly committed to make the world a better place, to expose and to solve vulnerabilities and conditions hindering people and preventing them and society from reaching their best. And still I roll my eyes every time she publishes a pro choice post under a comment of the form "when have pro lifers ever helped poor kids after they're born?" -- um, like, that is my whole damn life, sweetie!

I've known intactivists who defend to death that the foreskin is not an evolutionary defect, but who apparently think evolution got wrong the digestion of meat and dairy. I've known other intactivists who think the baby is its own person to decide upon himself, unless the parents think it's too inconvenient to live. And I've known intactivists who think kids must be defended from knives to their penises, but who want them to be sitting ducks before better armed people.

I've never taken it personal. I'm not about to now.

But I'm also (and I will admit this is a defect) a guy who doesn't refrain from confrontation. In a sense, I probably act as if everyone was the same as myself, and both inherently willing to lock horns and inherently willing to have a beer together after we did.

I want to be friends with a guy whom I admire for capturing in his posts the essence of the contemporary oppression of minors, and the will to struggle against that. A guy who has been there for many other GCers along the years who needed words of encouragement. A guy who has engaged offline in the creation of MAP spaces for everyone who needs them (b4).

He's welcome to have some crazy ideas.

I would've liked to be able to call his crazy ideas such, but if need be for me to shut up, I will.

Same as I no longer post GMs nobody reads. Same as I no longer post deep thoughts on significant girls for people to reply "tldr".

Same as apparently neither can I post LGF advice because that makes me "a snowflake", so basically I'm tongue tied now. What can I post that I lose nobody over?

Lyrics and myself have a long, convoluted, and difficult history, one in which we have actively harmed each other and even GC as a whole, and yet for all our snide remarks at each other, we two know we love each other and we two are working together towards a better future for our relationship.

Maybe I should stop posting anything other than "Dakota Fanning is hawt".

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