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Re: Hold on

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, March 23 2018 at 07:35:03AM
In reply to Hold on posted by rainbowloom on Friday, March 23 2018 at 00:55:41AM

Nuances in that moral stance boil down to personal and family values, and I don't always feel the need to spell out my own.

Fair enough. Not to the poor first time visitor sap having emotional guilt issues and looking for any sort of inner peace, but definitely good enough for the perceived usual audience. That other guy isn't your responsibility.

So all this imaginary person desires on a base level is to fulfill their physical sexual urges, and they fulfill those urges through deceit, by proclaiming altruistic intent and then abandoning ship?

It can indeed be through deceit. Yes. Worse, they don't always see it as such, as the ego doesn't allow it. And there are a percentage of egos in this realm that have trouble being contained by wisdom or even common sense, as news stories will sometimes attest, to our general amusement I might add.

Abandoning ship, I don't know how to respond to that. Free cows are free cows until they aren't. Opportunism doesn't abandon ship until the heat becomes too much.

So whether he's a narcissist or just stupid, he still needs to be put down.

Well, yeah. Pretty much. You don't practice medicine without first getting your degree. IMO, girls are way more valuable than old people who need surgery. You need to have at least some sort of self-imposed rules of the road that take their well-being into account before grabbing at the goodies (theoretically speaking).

Oh, so he also happens to be preferentially attracted to prepubescents?

I have no idea how to respond to that.

Of course sociopaths who are also pedophiles exist. That doesn't mean I need to identify with them.

Well this is good to know.

Please cite me your demographics for the opportunist non-pedo abusers. I know they exist. I just want to see the proof of your assertion that they outnumber non-girl-loving pedos. I don't deny that it's true, but I want to see you cite some proof.

Not feeling the need to include a disclaimer specifying what I don't condone the behavior of sociopaths is lazy or disingenuous?

No, because as surprising as it may be to a sociopath, I haven't been following your posts like a disciple. So forgive me if you need to rehash your personal values with regard to girl love to someone who has only recently returned to this site.

We are their best allies.

We? How many of these We's do you include? Some people from these boards have been convicted of things which "We" do not agree with. So they live among us. I suppose it is inevitable, as in so many other segments of society. Again, some are just out for themselves, and glad to pay lip service to whatever allows them to be part of a group that they find benefit being a part of. So take some years of looking around these boards and hear their histories and then come back to me without auto-contrarian replies. There's more than a few horrifying stories out there. Girl Chat has thankfully been one of the most innocent sites for those skeletons in closets, but no place is immune from these individuals.

What I'm saying is, things are not wrapped up with a convenient little bow as you seem to do so readily. You have a talent for posts, so my hope is you will be a little more careful with the things you assert.

We're also a scapegoat. While busy parents desperately try to control pedos and children alike, they casually bully, violate and neglect both groups and then they have the nerve to call mutual solace they might take in each other somehow "inappropriate".

They might as well have their heads on backwards tbh.

Yeah. It's true, but what else would they do with the information fed to them? If I wasn't seeing the truth from the inside, I'd see things the same way.

My pleasure fam.

Fam? Sighh... memories of your Outnumbered and Ramona. So soon forgotten by the rest of the girl lover world. Not by Eeyore, however<3


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