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Hold on

Posted by rainbowloom on Friday, March 23 2018 at 00:55:41AM
In reply to Re: Hmm posted by Eeyore on Thursday, March 22 2018 at 08:04:48AM

You were giving an easy free pass to anyone who gets the green light from a kid by whatever means they acquire it.

Uh . . . by omission?

No, I just don't feel the need to specify the parameters of other people's relationships. I take a hard moral stance, I don't dissect. This isn't science.

Nuances in that moral stance boil down to personal and family values, and I don't always feel the need to spell out my own.

I meant when someone reconciles the physical sexual urges they have by proclaiming the sacrifice and selflessness of their intentions, in order to acquire what they desire on a base level.

So all this imaginary person desires on a base level is to fulfill their physical sexual urges, and they fulfill those urges through deceit, by proclaiming altruistic intent and then abandoning ship?

So he uses little girls and then drops them?

Wanna tell me who buddy is so I can snuff him out? (Jk.)

. . . not being capable of seeing in oneself what I said above, or at least having a level of ignorance which does not encourage one to be introspective enough to think about such things.

So whether he's a narcissist or just stupid, he still needs to be put down.

You seem to take issue with my assertion that such pedos exist, so I'd love to know why.

Oh, so he also happens to be preferentially attracted to prepubescents?

Of course sociopaths who are also pedophiles exist. That doesn't mean I need to identify with them.

Statistically, more non-pedophiles exploit children in the way you describe than pedophiles. If you want to talk about "primal urges" of undermining capacity for empathic behavior, talk about the general population.

Not feeling the need to include a disclaimer specifying what I don't condone the behavior of sociopaths is lazy or disingenuous? Uh, okay.

I agree that there are many variables to consider, and that not all of them can be controlled.

In any given relationship, there are infinite variables to consider and not one of them can be "controlled". We need to stop objectifying children and pedophiles by thinking about how best they can be controlled, and switch our focus to how best we (all) can root out actual abusive behavior towards children (including but not specifically that committed by pedophiles). It starts with listening to - and respecting - what children have to say. We are their best allies.

We're also a scapegoat. While busy parents desperately try to control pedos and children alike, they casually bully, violate and neglect both groups and then they have the nerve to call mutual solace they might take in each other somehow "inappropriate".

They might as well have their heads on backwards tbh.

Good post.

My pleasure fam.

~ rainbowloom

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