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Unrelated to the content of our site

Posted by EthanEdwards on Friday, April 06 2018 at 9:24:23PM
In reply to Suspension as a "technical problem"? Really? posted by Explorer on Friday, April 06 2018 at 5:29:53PM

With down, it's nice timing that someone who interviewed me put up his own page that isn't too far off the mark of being a VP page:

Hardly look like a technical issue. More like a social one, I would say.

No, actually not. The account was suspended because the DDoS attacks were spilling over and adversely affecting other customers.

I would also say that these events are quite predictable

We were pretty much free of DDoS attacks for the first 5 years that our website was up.

there is no way to appease the haters

We never had any illusion of convincing the haters. A lot of people still hate gays and lesbians, but they've made a lot of progress.

We have made progress and think we can make further progress with social liberals who subscribe to the ideal of freedom and that things that don't hurt other people should be permitted. For VPs, there is no question of hurting children since we oppose any sexual activity with children. Of course the pro-legalization position wants to extend sexual freedom to children, and then we get into a position on youth rights that ordinary social liberals (and VPs) will not accept.

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