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Uh huh

Posted by Markaba on Monday, April 09 2018 at 2:21:39PM
In reply to As I'm sure you have guessed... posted by Dissident on Sunday, April 08 2018 at 7:15:41PM

Sorry, but there's no way Trump and Hillary are on the same level of atrociousness. Hillary is problematic, but Trump is aspiring to be a Third World dictator. The two are not comparable. And good libs voting for third party candidates who have no chance of winning is what got us Trump. Speaking of Jill Stein, did you know she went to Russia and had dinner with Putin before the election, along with several members of Trump's campaign/regime? Seriously, dude, wake up.

Look, I know you're an Asperger who is probably unable to compromise on anything ever, but there comes a time when you have to be realistic. If Dems don't take this country back in November, we will slide further and further into fascism. You're smart enough to know that. Democrats aren't perfect, but they haven't sold us out to the worst components of the population either, or to a foreign dictator. Seriously, most Republicans should all be in jail at this point, not in office.

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