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Posted by manbot on Monday, April 09 2018 at 11:50:50PM
In reply to Uh huh posted by Markaba on Monday, April 09 2018 at 2:21:39PM

Sorry, but there's no way Trump and Hillary are on the same level of atrociousness.

Because Clinton has a vagina, while Trump admitted to probably the worst sin outside of pedophilia - finding young women attractive!

Given the past knowledge of Clinton, including support for war and anti-pedophilia, why would she not only be the better choice, but the better choice by several orders of magnitude?

Look, I know you're an Asperger who is probably unable to compromise on anything ever

It's called ethical principles and conscience, not Asperbergers'. No doubt foreign concepts for an utterly compromised anti-pedophile.

Democrats aren't perfect, but they haven't sold us out

Laughable. "Progressives" supported making our lives hell back in the day, as did social liberals. I doubt their descendants, already supporting state -funded genocide of pedophiles, would think twice before handing us over to SJWs or pseudo-scientists - the worst part of the population.

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