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Straight-up incorrect

Posted by rainbowloom on Saturday, April 28 2018 at 10:57:48PM
In reply to MAP posted by kratt on Friday, April 27 2018 at 0:36:53PM

A pedophile, by nature of their unwillingness to exert adult-like structures of control let alone utilize any such measures, has a relationship to the child in which the apparent power balance is completely on the child's side.

Assuming no coercion or deception is used in gaining the child's trust.

Theoretically, the pedophile is adding their power to the child's by creating a unique bond with them independent of any of the structures mentioned above.

All you are doing is equating selfish people who want to use children with beneficent people who want to empower children, because of a shared physical response to similar stimulus (it's debatable even to what degree).

That is nonsense.

Power balances are not relevant where power is not being used as a control measure, as it is by parents and others who assume direct authority over any child.

Does a comparative lack of experience deserve a special amount of care? Does a comparative lack of knowledge deserve a special amount of attention?


Does that devalue anything a MAP does for a child? No. We are their antidote, and their means to a better future.

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