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Making friends

Posted by Trillion on Tuesday, June 12 2018 at 11:15:20PM

I response to my thread about asking a LG out (below), this is what has happened so far...

$250 well spent. Hired the LG's dad for two days work - $125 a day. Not the rate I'd want to pay, so told him to clock in at 10am, and to finish at 3pm, in compensation for what I consider an inadequate day rate.

On the second day, he asked me "Why are you doing this?".

I replied, "Because you're good at your job, and I'm paying you to work. And, here you are, working. Is there any other reason?"

And, he laughed. And I laughed, too. After that I took him down the bar for some suds. He was delighted.

On Saturday, I'm taking the family out to the movies. I just told him it was my treat, for the good work he's done (and, it is good work he has done). I got to invite the LG's friend along too - her parents wanted to meet me to thank me. The day after, they want me to go a bbq at their place. Which I feel honored by.

I want to totally stress here - there is no romantic involvement in this, either for the LG or her friend. I'm just trying to do some good in this crazy place. But, it seems that sometimes, just sometimes, when you put something in and try a little to do nice things for people, it really does come back...

I will keep you updated (if you want, that is).



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