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I don't throw girls away

Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, July 01 2018 at 09:52:41AM
In reply to yes, too hard on yourself. posted by Eeyore on Sunday, July 01 2018 at 04:13:29AM

I have had dozens of LGFs over more than 20 years of self awareness of my own pedophilia. I'm no rookie. I know how to groom.

But to me girls are not temporary. It's never happened and maybe never will, but my goal is and always was and always will be to spend a lifetime together with each girl. There is no other way to me. Girls are not disposable. I'm not in a prepubescent's life to throw her away when she gets boobs.

So yes, if she moves away, it's my defeat. And in her case, I know very well it wasn't just teenage hormones (as it was, I think, with Raccoon and Cousin) but mistakes and omissions I committed in our relationship.

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