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Came out in person to my first non-friend, nonpedo

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, August 31 2018 at 02:27:19AM

So Thursday night I was out with some fairly close friends in the big town. Despite burning the candle at both ends, things have been going well for all of us lately, and the atmosphere was festive as we finally blew off some steam. We were definitely enjoying ourselves and let's just say having some libatious (is that a real word, I hope?) times.

Anyway, as the old America song goes, Sometimes, late, when things are real and people share the... oh crap, sorry, Baldur:/ No copyrighted text please.

In any case, we were all sharing some deep stuff that we reserve for select times and individuals, when we know people are likely to be accepting of our revelations.

So a few people told some rather jaw dropping admissions about themselves. It was hard to believe some of the things they were willing to reveal to the rest of us. Eventually, it was my turn. I gulped and then took a deep sip and a deep breath. And then, I let it all out, the secret I'd been keeping for decades.

There was a silence at first, which though it felt like hours, days even, was probably no more than 20 seconds. One hardscrabble boozehound woman I know and trust took a long swig of her highballer. She put it down with an air of authority which seemed to tell everyone that she was going to be first to deliver her judgement on my revelation.

"Yanno, Eeyore, as a single middle-aged woman who doesn't like hosting get togethers at my place either, I almost never make my bed either. I mean, what's the point? Fuck society and it's rules."

The tension broken, two bespeckled 20-something beta-boys quickly got courageous enough to admit that sometimes when running late for work, they too, risk not making their beds either. We all shared a sigh of relief and a good laugh.

Later when I was leaving the supermarket with stuff I need for the following day, I got propositioned by a twitchy prostitute loitering outside the doors. Feeling like an honest man, I smiled at her and said "I'm a pedophile, sorry." She rolled her eyes and made a cynical "haha" face at me, and then looked back at the door and took a drag of her cig in search of a willing customer.

WHEW!! I feel an entirely new sense of freedom tonight. I highly encourage others to trust the right person and reveal your secret:)


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