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Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 22 2018 at 04:13:43AM
In reply to Oy posted by Cirk on Saturday, September 22 2018 at 03:32:35AM

Really sorry for your X-Men loss, Cirk. I hate people who scam the public, be it auto mechanics or comic book store folk. They need to be purged. Yes, actually. I'm sick of them.

Ha, Chris Rock. "Where dem kids at? Walk it off! (That's your family!)"

Yes, attention from any underage girl is flattering, even if you were not that into them. I have little experiences all the time that don't seem to add up to a postable story without adding fake stuff to it, but within the last few days I was driving past a high school and judged some freshman looking girl because she was preening herself in front of the "bad boys" and I was mumbling to myself what a superficial whore she obviously was. Well, err, *cough*... I ended up at the corner waiting on a red light, and she, the hottest girl with her friends, got to the corner as well, waiting to cross, and she (the same girl) suddenly locked eyes with me. I tried to play it off with a "yeah, you're hot, but way out of your league" lookaway. I dare to look back again and we locked eyes again. She was 14 and pushing upward before her peers who still don't have the slightest clue. Ever encounter girls like this? They kill me. They rattle my senses. They exist!

And holy shit, I didn't see you as having kids (at least previously), much less losing a daughter. I am EXTREMELY sorry for your loss, Cirkus. I have relatives who lost a young daughter once in tragic and unforeseen circumstances, and I know personally how devastating this can be for the years that follow. knee-jerk response would go straight to avoiding self-blame, and especially so for any girl lover. That goes without needing proof when said be a fellow girl lover. Ugh, what a terrible obstacle in life to have to get past:*/

The later part of your post sounds perfectly normal and gentlemanly. No shame necessitated for any of it.

Yanno, we try our best with the scruples we're born with, and the teachings we're imbued with by those we are born to and happen to encounter. We process all of it and try to live our life as best we can on the info we'v absorbed from the sources we were privy to, and with the level of intellect we were gifted to make sense of it all. To expect anything more of ourselves is just beating ourselves up over hindsight and unwarranted guilt, unless of course you knowingly live your life in discord with the things you know to be virtuous. The few who choose go that route can go to hell.

I don't think I've ever done this before, but I think Gimmmy inspired me.



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