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Posted by Cirk on Saturday, September 22 2018 at 03:32:35AM
In reply to Hey Cirk posted by Eeyore on Thursday, September 20 2018 at 03:16:42AM

Yes, Brandon Lee. Mildly interesting, the son of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has the same name. That Brandon made news recently for very dubious reasons. You can take the trash from the trailer park but... (I have lived in trailers so that is not me being snobbish.)

I actually got burned on the only comic book I ever sold. I was a kid and desperate for cash. The guy was totally a pro at trading. Poker face says "all I can do right now is fif-..." I say "fifteen is fine!" A huge grin came to his face and he scrambled to the cash register. To this day I believe he was probably going to say fifty. That book today is worth thousands. (Giant-Size X-Men #1. Trust me, any collectors reading this now are questioning my sanity.)

I know many folks with autism. Kind of a catch-all these days, isn't it? ("Whatever happened to just being a bad kid?" - to paraphrase Chris Rock.) Interestingly enough, a teenage girl happens to have a crush on me recently. She has autism and her feelings run randomly hot and cold like a trailer park shower. (Oh, did it again! In Chris Rock's line of work this is called a recall. In my line of work it's called getting fired.) Mind you, I am not interested in her at all. But I have to admit, getting attention from a young girl is always flattering. Right?'s mildly frustrating when you're blocked on social media one day, then having all your posts re-favorited the next.

That reminds me. I once dated a girl with epilepsy. She was gorgeous and a real sweetheart. But what a hot mess! Both her father and older brother had died just prior to me meeting her. (Dad in military service and her brother suicided.) Also, one of the things she liked about me is that most boys would be embarrassed to date an epileptic. (Her explanation, not mine.) On top of all her problems, this was very shortly after losing my own daughter, which was definitely the most traumatic thing I've ever gone through. I just couldn't handle the stress and constantly prayed for a sensitive way to remove myself from the situation. So what did I do? I just stopped answering the phone! (Yes, I was THAT guy! I've been dumped in this manner before and it's the worst way!) I saw her twice after that though. Once happened to be on Valentine's Day. I saw her in a restaurant with her parents. I bought her a teddy bear and said hello to everyone then paid for their lunch on the way out. Next (and last) time I saw her, she was with a dude who was clearly her new boyfriend. I still know I was wrong, but that gave me a sense of closure. Good for her!


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