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Not Your Usual Girl Dream

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, October 12 2018 at 05:01:26AM

How often do you have them? Over the years, I'd say I've had perhaps one or two per month, usually. One particular dream has been an occasional recurring one, involving a girl I've never met IRL, and I prefer to keep that one private.

Others have been of girls I've known, sometimes romantic, sometimes not.

But I had a doozy of a dream the other night, probably related to eating cheese before bedtime, which has always given me strange vivid dreams. I haven't tried to find a scientific reason for this, but it's usually the case for me.

Dreams bore some people. They will want to move on to another post. Others tend to wonder what they mean. I usually pass them off as nothing, but I've had a handful over the years which have made such an impression and felt so real that I've never forgotten them.

This dream started out typically strange and boring enough. I was sitting next to some people sitting in their car with the door open. There was a boring middle aged guy speaking to two women near the car. It didn't seem to mean much to me. Suddenly some adults with an incredibly gorgeous daughter in blond pigtails walk over and they know the guy. They exchange salutations, and the LG says something she is proud of excitedly. I am too rolled over being smitten by her to know what she is saying. She is elite level gorgeous, about 8 or 9.

This is where things go full Illuminati. Somehow, I am suddenly encouraged to get into the car with these people to go and attend some sort of highly secretive celebrative gathering. It's an outdoor event at some location which they refuse to tell me when I ask. I am taken to an estate in some very rural forested area. There is a large patio area off the back of the mansion, with a huge backyard that goes off rectangularly for a long distance, surrounded by woods.

There are people of all ages, both on the patio, and across this vast rear lawn. I am personally noticing that about 50% of these people are very beautiful children. Some are boys, but I am noticing the exquisite girls. It is summer, and many of the girls are in bikinis. Off in the distance, near the far edge of this lush green lawn or at the far end of the rectangle, I notice some very strange statuesque stone structures. They look religious, and almost ancient. Nobody is paying particular attention to them, but everyone is being happy, animated, and festive.

For some reason, I am now lying in a hammock off to the side of the patio when this dawns on me, on the lawn. I begin to wonder if I've been privied to some sort of a cult, and I start to feel a little disconcerted, though not fearful, since nobody's really paying attention to me. At some point, I look over to the patio where people are sort of crowding some balding guy in tinted shades with a rather large nose. I quickly realize he must be the head honcho and/or owner of this estate. Oddly enough, he didn't keep my attention very long. While in the hammock, I hear some girls behind me. It sounds like they are talking about me.

I look behind me to see a group of four girls in bikinis. One of these is the same girl from the beginning of the dream, with three of her very pretty friends, but I barely notice them in spite of being beautiful themselves. She is looking at me and we lock eyes as I hear them debating my worthiness. For some reason, she is now more like 10 or 11 than 8 or 9. As captivating as she is, and as good as this info I've heard should seem, I am now even more confused and disconcerted, so I get up and make my way to the large patio where it's more like 75% adults and 25% kids. For whatever reason, a former young relative girl I was close to was there. She was the same age she was then, taking selfies with other kids I didn't know, and she doesn't even notice me while right in front of her. I don't know what the fuck is going on. I wander a little, and decide to use my cell phone to snap a few pics of those strange stone symbols off in the distance. An older man quickly approaches me and knocks my hand down, reminding me that the rules here are no photos allowed. Well, I just saw my young relative taking some, but I guess those wouldn't identify this place. I go on to ask several people for the street address, and I am told that there isn't one, and they further brag to me that this place does not exist on Google maps. OK, now I know I'm somewhere very weird.

Alright, so be it. I wander over to the other side of the patio. An elderly woman approaches me. She seems like some sort of host of this event, or an elder overseer of it. It feels like she lives here. She asks me to please go over here... down a small hill to some other sacred looking ancient stones, and to please record some things for her, as some highly negative events are going to take place if she does not get this information quickly. She seems like a kind old lady, and I reassure that sure, I will get this info for you. She gives me a pad and pen, and I descend down the hill to write down some odd symbols that look sorta like runes.

While I am doing this, some guy sleeping in the back of a pickup truck gets up and tells me he knows my secret and smiles broadly. I offer him 20 bucks and ask him if we are good. He gladly agrees and takes the 20 bucks and goes back to sleep, as I copy the nearby runic symbols for the elderly woman. I am having trouble doing so, and feeling frustrated. I start to hear a far off noise that sounds like an approaching monster. I connect this sound with the urgency of the elderly woman, and I start to feel the pressure to copy the symbols correctly so I can get them back to her.

I can't seem to do it. I hear several guys urgently calling to me from back up the hill to get back up, so I run and claw my way back up. I am now clenching some bush or tree as some strange demonic force in the form of a howling mist (I had watched live hurricane landfall footage that day) approached and targeted some guy right near me. He seemed to have experience with it before. As it stood before him howling loudly, he shouted and declared all sorts of true beliefs he had toward it, truths that society currently doesn't admit. Once again, I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I am holding onto this tree branch as the extreme wind blows. I am awestruck by this entity thing, whatever it is.

At this point, I think I woke up to the sound of a jet plane or leaf blower, but hopefully this doesn't ground anything in reality. I never got the runic symbols to the old lady in time. I am also mad I never got to realize the outcome with my hot blond with the incredible body. Still, I won't forget this dream, and I won't forget the shapes and carvings of the stones I saw. I have mentally indexed them... just in case.

Any crazy dreams in their life which others wishes to share?


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