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no worries

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 03 2018 at 8:27:48PM
In reply to Yup. You got it. posted by Gimwinkle on Saturday, November 03 2018 at 6:10:32PM

My return hasn't been so easy. I'm no longer so into debating people, especially on the internet. I'm not as concerned about my posts anymore, proofreading them obsessively before hitting the Post button. For instance, I read my reply to you and I realize I meant "neglect" instead of "abuse" but it wasn't important enough for me to correct it. Back in the day, I would obsess over it.

I do love Lennon, though age has also given me a vantage point that takes into account his transition from hardscrabble living in his younger years to his later insulated privileged life, not to mention his love for hard drugs which can also skew reality.

I was told once that the Steel Dan song Only A Fool Would Say That was a snarky reply to John's song, Imagine. I'm not sure this is true or not, but it does sort of describe me as I get older, compared to things I used to be sure about.

I feel compelled to mention this stuff, because I know some of my views today are not reflecting some of my former ones before I disappeared, but it is what it is.

Yes, it may not always seem like I believe it, but I think most or nearly all who post here (especially post-hate) would likely be a great benefit in the life of LG's.


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