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It may not be the wisest course of action...

Posted by sans on Wednesday, January 23 2019 at 3:45:30PM
In reply to Any advice for an old dog? posted by RedViolin on Wednesday, January 23 2019 at 2:07:46PM

...if you use your own name, or accounts that can be linked back to you. Here, I would suggest creating an anonymous email address and new accounts on these sites, and for "GL" stuff, not having these account associated with your name, any other personal information, or your IP address, etc.

People who speak out as themselves *can be* a great thing, but it will probably mess up your life to a great degree. I say "can be," because some people I want as the public face of pedophilia, others, I don't. Some are great role models, and some are real scumbags.

About ever being accepted, who knows? Things have been going backwards for decades now, and there's definitely no real "movement" of any kind, so there's little to nothing pushing things forward. I think my last estimate was that it would take at least 50 to 100 years for things to get substantially better for us. I thought that was optimistic.

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