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Sounds like sage advice

Posted by RedViolin on Wednesday, January 23 2019 at 6:25:55PM
In reply to It may not be the wisest course of action... posted by sans on Wednesday, January 23 2019 at 3:45:30PM

Thanks, sans.

Your warnings are well taken, as I definitely have no intention of becoming any kind of public face for pedophilia, whether positive or negative. Fortunately, to my knowledge, I have made no public statements advocating either for or against it.

My main worry is that merely inquiring about the rights of young girls to have a say about their own sexuality (particularly on social media) may have made me a target for anti-pedo attack. Unfortunately, I have posted a couple of suggestive comments of that sort from one of my actual accounts.

So, it appears that some degree of damage, hopefully not overly serious, has already been done.

So now it seems that my wisest course of action is to cease all further comments and questions concerning young girls, at least from any account associated with my real identity. I will admit that this self-censure does not set well with me, yet I also do not wish to bring any more undue attention either to myself or the GL community.

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