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The Solution? A New Hybrid Democracy?

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, February 23 2019 at 8:04:50PM

Random thought, sort of. But I think I can elaborate on it.

I think the only solution to the world's problems is going to be having more radical thinkers enter politics. I guess this assumes politics are essentially as they seem, though I do not really believe they are. Any way...

Eventually (5-10 years), someone is going to have to propose something radical and new. I envision it could be called "hybrid democracy". So many things which are OffTopic could be declared in this package, I can't even get into it here. But I'll stay OnTopic for the most part.

The Hybrid package would either be a political campaign, or something a reigning leader would give the people a chance to vote (or is it just "vote" nowadays?) on. It would include things like:

- Major amendments to the constitutions.

- No one gets all "equal" rights. Different groups have different rights, but all humans would have basic human rights which are equal and straight-forward. There would have to be what we declare at our best as humanity to be basic human rights, which everyone gets. Gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc. This would include the right to education, work, money, sex, bodily-integrity, food, shelter, etc.

(And eventually, I might add, the goal would be to eventually have none of these things cost money, except for the money itself, I guess? Not saying that no food should cost money, but governments or *someone* should be be providing decent food and water rations for everyone, if they need, every day. If you're in need, all these things should be provided. Don't take those words lightly here. If you need shelter, it should be provided, or if you have money, you should be allowed to buy something better.)

- Age of consents set at 13 to begin. I think this is a decent place to start, and I don't think many people will care if the package sounds good enough.

- Free Internet, freedom of speech of all sorts allowed on the Internet. The only thing that wouldn't be making physical threats of doing bodily harm, or harm to infrastructure. In this same regard, it would make it illegal for the government to arrest you for anything you look at or download on your computer.

That is all for now.

Let's see what people have to add to this. And then we can reply to everyone "Yay" or "Nay" to their amendment.

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