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from one pacifist to another:

Posted by rainbowloom on Monday, February 25 2019 at 02:43:15AM
In reply to Result posted by Wink on Saturday, February 23 2019 at 02:07:20AM

society doesn't have a choice to accommodate.

they are actively accommodating.

"i punched you in the face. you just accommodated it."

the element of choice enters the picture when you consider how to react to my assault. (even if only for a split second).

short of mass extermination, society can do fuck all about the presence of pedophiles and their behaviour. we are accommodated.

which is why "society needs to make an accommodation for THAT" is true.

i mean as in "the process of adapting or adjusting", rather than "a convenient arrangement".

i agree with jd's sentiment that more force is required. that doesn't necessarily mean "violence" (not for all of us, anyway - although it may eventually come down to life or death), but it means the opposite of idleness and passivity.

meanwhile, though, the vast majority of us aren't even throwing punches. we're just... existing.

so how is society accommodating our existence?

mostly with violence - meaning, they're throwing the punches for us to accommodate.

a fair way to accommodate an assault is to unleash a counter-assault, and that's considered self-defense.

but even if you're a pacifist, there are non-violent ways to retaliate.

i'm not an absolute pacifist. i'm okay with retaliating to violence with violence in select cases - especially when the instigator threatens or expresses lethal intent.

society brainwashes the population to believe that pedophiles are the instigators - by existing. that's somewhat of a pattern of behaviour in which we are the most most notable recent targets.

it's also a pattern which is replicated in the household conflicts of many contemporary nuclear families.

more or less learned behaviour.

in any case, your attitude could use a little more fire. no one here is going to blame the victim for the bully's actions, or the child for their parents' fuck-ups. we (pedophiles) are not responsible for the dark triad club sitting at the top of the pyramid and shitting on us from above. however: that kid who refuses to allow themselves to be extinguished tends to ignite sparks in the hearts of onlookers.

even if you aren't willing to put yourself in harm's way (which is understandable): at least try to maintain a sense of personal clarity about the nature of the beast you're staring at.

the way society accommodates pedophiles is totally destructive.

and it doesn't care.

someone has to care.

but... they're not going to care if we act like they ought not to care.

don't be broken.

~ rainbow

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