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Violent pedophiles

Posted by billi on Sunday, March 10 2019 at 7:55:32PM
In reply to you're incredibly ignorant or worse posted by rainbowloom on Sunday, March 10 2019 at 2:31:20PM

rainbowloom wrote:

" if i saw you in person and you made the same comments, you'd get the shit beaten out of you by me or one of my boys."

Oh, my goodness... I'm scared to death of rainbowloom and his "boys".

Now, rainbowloom, there's no call for you to be making such empty and ludicrous threats. I didn't know that pedophiles could be so violent.

Hmm.....that certainly puts the lie the image that pedophiles are trying to project of being so 'loving' and 'gentle', doesn't it? I think you should really watch your mouth, rainbowloom..You are not helping the Pedophile Movement ay all by acting this way.

With all respect,


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