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you're incredibly ignorant or worse

Posted by rainbowloom on Sunday, March 10 2019 at 2:31:20PM
In reply to Outfits posted by billi on Saturday, March 09 2019 at 6:53:10PM

you need to understand two things.

first, everything is a spectrum. there is no "everyone sharing X attribute doing Y is doing so for Z reasons". that doesn't exist.

every individual has a more or less unique set of traits they find attractive. Some people want younger people, some people want older people, and some people honestly couldn't care less. The reasoning for what makes the next person tick are just as varied as the experiences, stimuli, etc. they seek.

all that matters for attraction or a relationship is compatibility - physical, emotional, situational. and what is compatible for me is determined by myself - not your presumptuous guessing, not whatever is most popular or common or what society compels that i should want. the same goes for any hypothetical young girl or anyone ever.

do you get that? i think that's something you have ass-backwards.

certain preferred traits (say, that someone is sexy, attractive, smart, healthy, talented in one way as opposed to another) can be circumstantially overlooked. also, over time, the fidelity of the relationship matters more than the initial compatibility that brought two together.

you have a one track mind for the quickest possible thought process to putting us down.

the statement you made in the above post is devoid of substance. it is the equivalent of a racial slur.

i call projection. you're an aging drunk druggie with a pathetic life outlook who gets off on wasting other people's time and because of that you feel psychologically compelled to soothe your insecurities by beating up on those whom you percieve as inferior.

secondly, if i saw you in person and you made the same comments, you'd get the shit beaten out of you by me or one of my boys.

ih, wait... those comments wouldn't even occur to you because i look like a fucking video game character and i sing like an angel. gg.

get the fuck off our board you steaming piece of donkey excrement.


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