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My, how times have changed!

Posted by RedViolin on Sunday, March 24 2019 at 11:16:54PM

I can remember back in the 80's and 90's, when I was a virile, "not quite old" adult, being blissfully left alone to play with a neighborhood family's little girls for hours on end. No parental worries were ever expressed. I recall as well several instances of young adolescent girls freely dropping by my apartment [for conversation, god's sake!] without any sign of parental objection.

I've also heard plenty of tales from the 60's and 70's where unsupervised encounters between young children and older adults in the neighborhood were quite common.

However, the very idea of anything like that happening now is virtually impossible. After the year 2000, a strident alarm seems to have gone out across the land - Don't leave your children alone with unrelated adults!

Some GLs may wonder why we can't just go back to the "good old days". However, I clearly understand why that is as undesirable as it is impossible. The main reason being that we have created a highly toxic and sex-obsessed society.

As if sexually suggestive advertising wasn't enough, for the past two decades, marketers have been aggressively sexualizing children to promote their products - on TV, in magazines, in stores, and now on social media. The hundreds of clothing and accessory companies recruiting preteens as brand reps are the latest and most salient examples. Those companies usually go after the most attractive and marketable young girls to "rep" their brands. And we, the product-consuming public, blindly condone this. Countless parents actively pimp their children on Instagram! Attractive (cute but not too sexy) little girls have now become socially accepted advertising currency.

And, sadly, those insidious marketing campaigns have worked their wiles marvelously well.

Millions of males (and females) now view children in an entirely new light. Attractive children have now largely become delectable "eye-candy"; and for many adults, children are also viewed as potential "sexual snacks".

Many of you may remember the ubiquitous presence of "internet model" websites and their associated discussion forums as recent as 15 years ago. Even though I was an active model forum contributor, many of the depraved comments left on those forums thoroughly disgusted me. Those sorts of comments may have been largely responsible for the aggressive campaign to take down those websites. The recent change in Youtube - how it has disabled comments and no longer promotes "related" videos featuring young girls - is yet another casualty of this unfortunate trend.

Whereas cross-age unsupervised encounters may have been casually allowed just 50 years ago, today there is a clear and ever-present danger in even permitting the possibility of such encounters to occur. There are just far too many mentally unbalanced and ad-brainwashed adults out there who haven't the slightest qualm against luring and violently molesting a child for their own sexual gratification!

I cannot lie. I often pine for those "good old days". And I'm deeply enraged that those days are gone for good.

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