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Parole terms

Posted by kratt on Thursday, April 04 2019 at 01:10:17AM
In reply to A hypothetical transcript posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, April 03 2019 at 05:48:43AM

How about a girl making a proposition like this:
"I understand that he was at fault for not confirming before public that I do want to have sex with him. Doing it in secret exposed me to danger that he might force, blackmail or deceive me into consenting in private, and if the matter came out, claim that I consented, even though I did not. It also exposed other girls to danger that they might be forced by men who figure it would be his word against hers that she consented. He deserves some sort of punishment.
Now what the matter is out, I tell here in public that I wanted to have sex with him and expect to want it in future. Any penalty that harms the future income of our combined household, as long as I want to be in that household, is you victimizing me.
Declare him a convict if his offence deserves it, and release him to my parole terms.
Now that I´ve declared in open court that I want to have sex with him, do not regard it as a crime or parole violation.
In restitution for his offence in failing to procure my public consent in advance of consummation, do not inflict any fine on him to public revenue. Rather levy compensation from his assets to my separate assets. I will be using them for our common household as long as I want to share the household with him, but since he´s shown his irresponsibility in delaying to make a honest woman out of me, I may well give him the public penalty by being the mistress of house that formerly was his."
How would you have reacted if your daughter had made a victim impact statement like this?

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