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Duly noted

Posted by RedViolin on Thursday, April 04 2019 at 04:37:58AM
In reply to ??? posted by Baldur on Wednesday, April 03 2019 at 6:05:40PM

My choice of terminology appears to be remiss.

I was looking for a way to differentiate a girl-loving pedo like myself from the majority of child abusers whom the "sheeple" public commonly refer to as "pedophiles".

Can a line be drawn between the girl-lovers on GC and persons who knowingly molest children? Where does being a "pedophile" end, and being a "child molester" begin?

According to the Readers Digest Oxford Dictionary, molest is defined as (1) "annoying or pestering a person in a hostile or injurious way" (2) "accosting, attacking, or interfering with another person [esp. sexually]"

Clearly, "pedophile" Catholic priests are actually child molesters. Clearly, persons who drug or threaten children in order to have sex with them are child molesters. Persons who consort with children whom they know to have been abducted into prostitution are child molesters. However, are persons who unwittingly consort with such children also child molesters? Are persons who engage in sexual tourism involving children also child molesters?

I once knew (online, at least) a self-professed pedophile who boasted about his sexual encounters with very young girls in Thailand and other countries. He claimed that the girls, some as young as 9, were eager to have sex. In any case, I wish to avoid being associated with that sort of activity.

I have heard stories of persons who participate in "arranged" sexual encounters with children who have been mind-conditioned to engage in intercourse. If a person believes he is having consensual sex with such a child, does that make him a child molester or simply a pedophile? Even so, that is another activity from which I wish to distance myself.

Apparently, "hardcore pedophile" is wholly inappropriate to describe anyone. So, what is an appropriate term (other than "pedophile") to describe persons who pursue sex with children as a "recreational" activity?

Another problem that I have with the term "child molester" is in reference to violent "ritual" sex with children who have been abducted from their families. In such cases where the children involved often die as a result, the term "child molester" seems wholly inadequate.

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