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My Confusion...

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 02:48:36AM
In reply to The Copernican principle doesn't apply here posted by Hajduk on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 02:13:11AM

I'm not totally sure where you're coming from now, as this is going a bit abstract. But I will try to add what I can.

However, I mentioned earlier on in the thread that there are scientific proofs that there is no God. Welp, the existence of other planets is actually one of those proofs (!), since all ancient religions really claim that we are the only planet. In fact, they claim that the earth is not round. The concept of God is refuted by science and nature. The existence of any laws of physics at all is actually proof against God, since they provide explanation after explanation for the way things work. There is no "spiritual glue" holding things together as ancients once thought, instead there are scientific laws for everything, right down to the big bang.

God, if he exists, could have made the universe any way he wanted, yet instead it's the way it is for some strange reason; with many bizarre things about nature and the universe as well. And what's the deal with pooping?

There are so many absurdities out there. Nothing screams "holy" to me. Life, nature, and the universe are all quite absurd and I cannot wrap my mind around why God would make things work the way they do.

You claim that because knowledge exists, such as 1+1=2, there must be a God? That doesn't sound like a very fair trial to me. More so, since you claim (and I believe you) that you're not ignorant on the sciences I spoke of, why then is it that you appeared to lie about what was essentially an "intelligent design" statement? Why not just say from the get-go "Knowledge exists, so God must"?

So, we ask because we exist and if life didn't exist we wouldn't ask... sure, of course. Where do I disagree? That still doesn't mean God doesn't exist (and for that matter, it doesn't mean either that God exists) -- those are properties of the observer, not of the observed.

But the burden of proof is on the one making the accusation! God isn't just an accusation, he's an assumption. It's not up to atheists to prove that God doesn't exist, it's up to theists to prove that he does.

I agree that as humans, our ability to be self-aware, question things, and speak (and I even think the number of languages on earth is an oddity) deserves some answers, but aliens are more likely to be involved with this than some magical male-fairy sky-daddy. Where did the aliens who created us come from? I don't know. It would seem even more plausible to me (than God) that creation is an infinite, eternal chain, with one alien species creating another, more than likely it eventually crosses over into a different universe. Or far all we know, it could even be some time-traveling paradox. My personal belief (and it's just worthless faith at this point) is that aliens did create us, or at least interfere with our evolution through genetic tampering. But code for life was blasted into our universe from another, and we'll probably never know how that universe where life came from works.

Not really. Plenty of animals rape. Plenty of animals kill within their own species. Including killing female juveniles. We don't, or at least not pervasively, because we evolved in a family who don't. It could have been very different.

Exactly! We don't want our families, nor our specifies to die, for obvious reasons. 404: God not found. I was mainly talking about human evolution though, not animal evolution. And it doesn't sound to me like you've heard the whole story.

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