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Kba is our Donald Trump

Posted by Predator on Saturday, February 10 2018 at 11:21:10PM
In reply to I'm not saying he wasn't overly defensive. . . . posted by Balto on Saturday, February 10 2018 at 4:12:43PM

Look clearly at what he said.

He said that unless you have been in the same situation which Rainbowloom is in now: defending your relationship with a girl from others, when you are known by the people around you two to be a GL; then your opinion is insufficiently informed. I don't know why that is an unreasonable position to take.

Yes, he has a Donald Trump way of saying that. Or anything for that matter. However I wouldn't let his style distract from his substance. He also gives seniority a lot of importance. I realize that this is very ironic for a pedophile. But on our online communities, where by definition we are all anonymous, then seniority is, if not the only, at least the most basic part of our reputations. Inevitably Dissident (the oldest surviving GC poster) will have if not the highest, one of the highest reputations, while the next newbie will have a low one (initially the lowest one) until they establish themselves. Sure, he exaggerates this point like unless you were here by 2005 your opinion doesn't count, but it's too much of a good thing, rather than a bad thing.

Yes, ethics. That you disagree with his ethics doesn't mean it's not an ethical code. His ethical code is to have girls in your life, and do what is necessary to keep them, based on the assumption that that is how he will make the most difference in their lives. He believes in real life girl interaction so much he has been willing to risk his real life wellbeing and life comforts for it. Again, you may disagree, but it's a clear ethical code with straightforward and predictable recommendations for real life actions.

Yes, he was banned from VoA. Over an administrative disagreement. He wasn't posting KP or outing people. Yes, he also had a personal request which was, though technically feasible, onerous on administration and not their responsibility, and that led to escalation of the disagreement when he used his Trump style. So what? We're not all perfect and angelic and smooth and diplomatic. Maybe he has to work on that; but that is not an indictment on his substance.

Ironically, his substance in this thread was that Rainbowloom should not out. Which was also what Freedomday said. So the disagreement is entirely about style and seniority.

And yes, being out to those close to you and/or your girls is a sure way to increase the stresses inherent to being a GL. No wonder.


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