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I'm not saying he wasn't overly defensive. . . .

Posted by Balto on Saturday, February 10 2018 at 4:12:43PM
In reply to Snowflakes vs the genuine article. posted by manbot on Saturday, February 10 2018 at 0:21:09PM

. . . Or overly harsh, or that being told to shut up is a way to make people feel less oppressed.

A less negative way to describe Kba's disposition would be "authoritative", or "confrontational". Not necessarily looking for a fight but 100% ready for one. Ready to shout someone down if he needs to.

I don't think "unethical" is the word you're looking for. Maybe something more like "casually impolite"?

In terms of his real-world action - rather than just petty online bickering wars - could you give me an example of something Kba has actually done which you feel is unethical? "Getting banned" doesn't count; that was a conflict with a resolution he was on the wrong side of. Online administrators don't rule "ethics".

Getting into fights isn't necessarily unethical for that matter if you feel you're in the right. We don't have to be perfectly civil with each other 100% of the time.

Go get into a fight over a LG - if you want an LG. Is what I'm saying.

Kba's been in lots of fights over LGs and it reflects in the way he treats those who rub him the wrong way.

If you want to go up against the world even if it means going down in a blaze of glory, which you should as an oppressed class, you grow a fucking spine and you stand up for what you believe, even if that might mean going through the actual experience of being oppressed by people you know - not just in a shallow "ugh, everyone hates pedos" way but in a way that gets to the actual root.

With going through that comes a fucking ego because you very quickly learn that with the way you're going to get treated otherwise, there really isn't a fucking path where you're allowed to play nice, coy, respectful, etc. but avoid getting fucked up the ass.

It's one or the other.


He's a "special snowflake" because he's been through real shit.

Good for him. The "community" could learn a lot.

Respect is earned, right?

~ Woof Woof !!

~ R a i n b o w l o o m

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