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Russian Ghosts

Posted by Dante on Tuesday, February 27 2018 at 1:39:38PM
In reply to Simple and not simple. posted by Hajduk on Sunday, February 25 2018 at 7:11:40PM

The assumption that a few attys in the special prosecutors office have drained all resources to the point that the mid-level FBI who received the report couldn't do their job is the sort of nonsense that I expect from the Donald, but not from anyone else.

The failure is hard to explain.

Its not as if the FBI wasn't in the hands of a veteran leader of five years in James Comey.

......... oh wait.

Its not as if Comey's firing had any effect. Andrew McCabe was prepared and groomed to seamlessly take over the job without disruption and he..........

........ oh wait.

Well, at least the mid-level folks and field operatives haven't been disrupted. Its not as though the Kremlin's puppet regime isn't demanding loyalty, asking for lists of who might not have voted for it, and is disparaging and harassing them on a regular basis. It certainly couldn't be the case that competent career veterans are leaving in droves because they can see that being apolitical is viewed as treachery. And its not as if the wholesale gutting of any department has an effect on whether a report gets lost in transit.

......... Putin's candidate has promised a purge.

My friends, 17 dead youth and more are what a purge looks like.

As for the ghosts. Its amazing how these phantoms have names, faces, emails, bank accounts all of which are showing up. And its appalling just how welcome their attacks were by the beneficiaries. Of course all of this will come back to bite the orange one in the *ss; now that Hilary has been eliminated as a target.



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