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Good to see you!

Posted by Baldur on Wednesday, March 07 2018 at 00:20:33AM
In reply to Greetings posted by Markaba on Tuesday, March 06 2018 at 9:13:35PM

"One thing though I find surprising is that none of you have brought up the fact that the current gun control movement is largely being led by kids themselves"

Those kids aren't "leading" this. They're being led.

And many of the survivors of that shooting are pro-gun, but the mainstream media is curiously not giving them a voice. In fact, younger Americans are now more pro-gun than older generations. Everything related to this latest push for victim disarmament was obviously a set up. How does government fail to do its job at every step in this tragedy, and the slavers use this as a pretext to take more power from the public to give to those who failed at every level? How does that possibly make sense?

That said, these kids have the same rights as everyone else to express their opinions. No less, but no more.

"while their kids continue to die from gun violence in horrifically high numbers"

Kids are physically safer at school than ever before. That's the fact. (Of course, government schools are more dangerous to the minds of their internees than ever before, also - but that is a separate issue.)

If they want to see their kids die from gun violence in horrifically high numbers ... they'll pass gun control. It worked for the collectivists in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, and Cambodia under Pol Pot (among others). There were less people in the world when they murdered over a hundred million. Today, they could murder billions ... if they could just disarm the people they wish to kill.

"Millennials have long been written off as uninspired, lazy and ignorant. I think we're seeing now that this is far from true."

I've never thought ill of the Millennial generation. They might just turn out to be the best generation ever. But these particular kids are not the ones responsible for that. Far from it, these are the kids trying to drag their generation down.

That said, it's great to see you!


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