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Re: Hmm

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, March 22 2018 at 08:04:48AM
In reply to Hmm posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, March 21 2018 at 11:09:05AM

Truly mutual relationships should be fairly obvious to anyone really paying attention.

Not at all. You were giving an easy free pass to anyone who gets the green light from a kid by whatever means they acquire it. Being flippant about it is either laziness or disingenuous. I gave you the benefit of the former.

I need to explain what primal urges are? Uh, okay. I meant when someone reconciles the physical sexual urges they have by proclaiming the sacrifice and selflessness of their intentions, in order to acquire what they desire on a base level.

I need to explain what lack of self-awareness is? Uh, okay. It means not being capable of seeing in oneself what I said above, or at least having a level of ignorance which does not encourage one to be introspective enough to think about such things. You seem to take issue with my assertion that such pedos exist, so I'd love to know why.

I am not sure what you were saying after that, except that I agree that there are many variables to consider, and that not all of them can be controlled. And I say that as a pro-contact girl lover who doesn't suggest breaking local laws.

Good post.

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