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Yes! That difference

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, May 30 2018 at 11:55:46PM
In reply to She does... posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, May 30 2018 at 3:06:54PM

he is implicitly giving her power over him, downplaying the explicit power in the process. It's love.
The true pedophile gives himself up to the child. He doesn't expect any form of repayment, although he'll take whatever is offered.

I see I have made my point. Thank you, rainbowloom.

Yes, I gave Her power over me though She never thought to take advantage of it. She knew full well how to reward me in a way that was NOT sexual in nature. I suppose She determined just how oddly bent my head was and put up with the minor inconvenience. Several times She declined an encounter which, to my crippled mind, was actually a relief in that I knew then, She understood Her position in the relationship. As young as She was, She held the reins and pulled when She wished.

The day we were situationally ripped apart, She was virgo intactae by my wishes. She accepted that, though I don't think She ever thought past the fun button. I don't think She could have conceived the idea without prompting. Prompting that I would never want to supply. As Her education progressed without me, I'm sure -- well, hoped that -- She figured out my restraint.

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