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UK skools banning skirts 4 girls, what do u think?

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, July 03 2018 at 09:00:30AM

I've been hearing news reports these days that some priory schools in the UK have been banning the skirt for girls' school uniforms. Sometimes it's said to be for "gender equality" and sometimes the reason isn't really stated.

As a group who has historically had the "schoolgirl skirt" or uniform fit into our attraction, I'm wondering what others think about that.

My own opinion is that these decisions have a political motivation with a design to cloud the distinctions between male and female. Beyond that, I feel traditional historical distinctions between male and female work quite well for most people and serve many purposes, so long as they do not intend any oppressive swipes at female dignity. I don't see how skirts do that. So I'm definitely not on board with this.

Mind you, this is not about choice for girls. This is about banning them from wearing a skirt.

What do you think?


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