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Are the Russians Attacking GC?

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, August 23 2018 at 04:06:27AM

BC looks fine from my end, but the GC background has disappeared and is pure white. Logging in to chat also produces a blank white screen. I notice my sigpics are also missing when I post.

I know what this is. The GL'er globalists are mad that I didm't denounce Ethan's presence at GC even while he doesn't accept our views at his place:/

Sighh... really dreading my next "Necker" visit...

In the words of Al Bundy, "Ahh, well!"

(This post is a fictional creation and does not actually presume Necker is now or was in the past, a place for highly wealthy males to materialize the dreams which mere commoners get exposed to legal ramifications for).


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