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Hey Cirk

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, September 20 2018 at 03:16:42AM
In reply to Ping: Eeyore posted by Cirk on Monday, September 17 2018 at 05:09:39AM

Yes, the same. I just prefer to call it train watching.

I was just referring to the movie. I think it's Scottish (not crap) and there's a lot of hard drugs involved. Somehow, I don't think this describes you:) I still need to watch that movie one day.

Some guys know way too much about trains!

The autism is real.

(One of my childhood friends actually was autistic and obsessed with trains, both real and miniature. I know toy train scales by heart strictly because of him telling me so many times. Strange as he was, he's the one with kids and who was retired by age 40, while I'm just finding my stride. I learned the BASIC computing language on an Atari 800 because of him, and I had a "BBS" in the 1980's thanks to his skilled genius. I rip on "autists" regularly, because I find their behavior frustrating to understand, but it doesn't mean I don't realize where they show prowess. I'm just wired differently and sometimes they bug me on a primal level. More info than u needed!)

Ever been to a comic book convention?

No, but I posted here once about a young teen boy I once knew when I was in my late 20's. There was no physical attraction between us, but curiously enough, we bonded over liking the same age of girls. He was 15 and liked girls about 11 or 12, and well, so did I! He was totally cool with that, and he was a genuinely nice kid. He liked comic books and was obsessed with a movie of the time called The Crow with the son of Bruce Lee (Brandon?). Anyway, he had some sort of special edition binded comic book with a special collector card or something. When we had to part ways, he gave it to me as a gift. I was touched, because I knew how significant it was to him. Fast forward years later, I was in a financial pinch and figured I'd take it to a comic book store to see if they might give me a few bucks for it. I didn't really want to sell it because of the sentimental value, but the threat of homelessness does that. To my shock, they paid me a hefty sum for this thing. They were ogling it like it was gold. Here I was all these years later, marveling at a 15-year-old who used to do perfect Beavis & Butthead voices with me reenacting the scenes we laughed about, thanking him across the ether for helping me out of a jam.

Speaking of jams, have you ever seen David Gilmoour playing his baby blue 001 Strat? Ever seen On An Island or read the book Island? Geeking out over things can be cool when we understand it, whether in real time or in hindsight.

So thankful I don't get so inspired in my replies to people these days. I'd probably be outed by now if I was:p


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