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By-the-numbers parenting in the 21st century:

Posted by rainbowloom on Thursday, September 27 2018 at 07:01:43AM
In reply to sexual assault now weaponized manufactured consent posted by Eeyore on Thursday, September 27 2018 at 04:45:03AM

You try and reproduce all of your apparently positive traits in your children by measuring and judging their character using yourself at corresponding stages as a reference.

You reel at the apparent effects of a dynamic culture on human development - how early childhood access to infinite gratification loops and information rabbit holes fundamentally feeds back into how human beings are apt to naturally behave, socialize, etc. during those formative stages and forever.

You unknowingly sacrifice the precious, real-life groundwork of any relationship - mutual trust, respect, communication, transparency - in favor of a selfish clinging onto your own set of hangups from another social era.

You invoke your authority in a lose-lose battle over disparate values.

Your child develops split personality syndrome, having been forced to essentially live a lie for you for as long as you were finding the speed and timing with which they were reaching various milestones in their development to be distasteful (read: "age-inappropriate"), while their true state of knowledge and insight had to be strictly reserved for peers and adult-friends, and the like, and meticulously kept hidden from you lest they risk invoking the chastising, belittlement, and shaming (or worse) of Mummy Dearest... and let's not even TALK about the relationship with Daddy.

Meanwhile, your child is left navigating the concepts independently that you, for entirely selfish reasons (that - we can see - have NOTHING to do with protecting the vulnerable individuals you care about), simply decided were not appropriate to address because of a mostly irrelevant visual and auditory association you make between your 12-year-old daughter and YOU from an era when you so happened to look and sound somewhat the same.

You're incredibly self-serving, not that you'll ever (for the vast majority of you) be self-aware enough to notice or even consider.

But you give yourself a B+ because at least she was always warm and fed.

~ Bow

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