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Not all decisions are born equal.

Posted by Hajduk on Monday, April 01 2019 at 11:48:33PM
In reply to Circumcision versus Female Genital Mutilation posted by billi on Monday, April 01 2019 at 07:34:09AM

Yes, some decisions are bad. I said it. It's not PC. I don't care.

Yes, MGM is dangerous. Boys die from it. Even short of death, a plethora of lifelong, and short but highly dangerous consequences, abound. By propagating the millennia old myth that mutilated penises are cleaner, the MGM agenda increases the transmission of STDs, up to our current nemesis AIDS. By propagating the other myth that mutilated penises are more attractive, it makes body shaming the norm among males and facilitates it across the board on females too.

Yes, parents should overwhelmingly be left alone to decide for their children and the state should not intervene on that.

Yet, there are exceptions. And genital mutilation is, to me, nothing short of attempted murder. Which, Casey Anthony notwithstanding, is illegal. And for good reasons.

Vaccination is the comparison? LOL! I'm not an anti vaxxer, but the way the pro vaxxing camp manipulates the discourse is so clear and shameful that few things could rival it (one of those being anti pedophilia, by the way). Even the few seemingly normal statements in that article could easily be shown false by actually delving into the abundant information we already have about vaccination.

Yes, parenting should be judged by outcome.

MGM kills. How's that for an outcome?

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