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uhhh, you're in some different universe

Posted by EthanEdwards on Saturday, May 05 2018 at 1:34:22PM
In reply to free range slaves posted by Baldur on Friday, May 04 2018 at 10:53:36PM

We get services from government, just as slaves got services from slaveowners: shelter, housing, clothing, medical care, etc.

You've got some philosophy that has bizarre implications, even though I don't know just what that philosophy is. You like the idea of the fiercely independent person, almost a "noble savage"? It's just not possible in today's complex, largely urban world. Maybe we're slaves because if we kill someone else, the State can take away our liberty, limiting our freedom?

The American people had a higher literacy rate before compulsory public education than they do now.
I'd like to see your source on that. Even if true, there are lots of other social forces at work.

... A majority of slaves have always been happy to be slaves. When former slaves were surveyed in the 1930s, about one third preferred slavery to freedom, and another third didn't see much difference.

Once again I'd be interested in your source. But I can imagine it was true and if so I'd focus on how poorly blacks were treated after slavery and how their basic rights were denied rather than their actually thinking well of slavery.

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