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Actually GC: I am quite happy with this

Posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, May 09 2018 at 02:24:05AM

I took a leap of faith and I preempted a criminal investigation, and then her parents separated which is a better situation for her as far as I can speculate.

I managed to preserve our trust (not telling her parents about her feelings for me is my one dishonesty, out of loyalty and respect for her).

That's for her to confront when she feels she can, if she wants to, and she of course has the option not to. All further action will be clearly on her behalf and completely voluntary (she knows it was always voluntary, but this way they can see and there will be no room for any doubt).

My position now is subtly advantageous. What makes it so is what her parents don't know and would never believe: she already knows who I am and she loves me regardless. In other words, although they will try and keep her powerless as long as possible, she secretly had prime access for quite some time to the information that is informing their actions to separate us now, wrongly in the name of her welfare.

They will lose because they severely underestimate HER, as they always have done in the past.

The truth will come out soon enough and when it does they are the ones who will be confronted by the true nature of what they tried to cover up - and she is the one who will tell it.

There are about two ways this could unfold:

One - she pressures one parent or the other until they tell her where the fuck I went; they'll say I told them I was a pedophile and they told me I'd never see her again; she'll be furious because she already knew, and I tried to be honest, and they wouldn't listen, and then they manipulated us both by not letting me contact her and not even telling her what was going on; she'll be rightfully pissed off and want to see me, and then everything is uphill from then on.

Two - she pressures one parent or the other until they tell her where the fuck I went; they'll say I told them I was a pedophile and they told me I'd never see her again; (I was crazy all along and she was much happier not knowing me;) (she actually respects her parents;) she no longer has any fond memories of me and, when her 18th comes around and I reach out to her, she doesn't even respond. This is not what I think will happen, but it is an option I always wanted to provide for.

What they think will happen:

She lives in happy ignorance wondering what happened to that darned uncle of hers who was always acting a tiny bit weird around her and she never knew why, but she never did care about him all that much, nor did she ever understand the weird parts of the relationship that seemed "inappropriate" to her; I turn up in the newspaper, facing charges for CP, etc., she re-conceptualizes our entire past with this newfound info about what a disgusting excuse for a person I was all along, and she graciously thanks her parents for intervening. The end.


Sunshine: I trust you to do your part. I confronted my parents, and then I confronted your parents; now, whenever you're ready (or whenever the truth comes out, I guess), you confront your parents. That's what it's going to take. You must realize that no argument I make holds any water unless you back it up.

GC: this is not the end; now it's up to her.

And if I wasn't betting on the first outcome, none of this even would have happened. So... as far as I know, she's still my LGF - temporarily in suspense because of stupid grownups doing what stupid grownups do.

(And did I mention I introduced her to my same-age best friend who witnessed our relationship as it was just before all of this happened, and supports us being together? And that this friend is now keeping me from becoming homeless?)

It's just a matter of time.

My decisive prediction is that I see drastic changes in circumstance approximately as I described above by the end of this decade.


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