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Things "they" don't understand:

Posted by rainbowloom on Tuesday, October 16 2018 at 1:31:21PM

1. How much I love her (no, it wasn't infatuation).
2. How much she loves me (no, it wasn't infatuation).
3. How quick she forgives me.
4. How much she'll appreciate the art I created for her, including half a dozen beautiful songs, including one with rap which she's going to find sexy as fuck.
5. How hot she is for her age (meaning appearance-wise / the looks she draws from EVERYBODY, not just me; and meaning her libido).
6. How smart / self-aware she is for her age - I swear to God she's already enlightened.
7. How lackluster and occasionally destructive her parents really are (although I don't blame them for not knowing how to raise her - she's an enigma).
8. How much she'll realize that she always missed me when I can finally reach out to her.
9. How furious she's going to be when I explain that I tried to be honest and put my faith in our family and they responded by cornering me and separating us without telling her.
10. How fucked-up it is that they did that.

~ Bow

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