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kids are generally the nigger of society

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 03 2018 at 04:09:56AM
In reply to Everywhere posted by Gimwinkle on Tuesday, October 30 2018 at 06:58:35AM

I was trying for a John Lennon reference. Did it work?

YES, I have found many little girls are STARVING for attention from any adult willing to pay them notice. While so many nons try to "define" our "tactics" for getting kids to interact with us, it is simply a matter of validating their own relevance. Yes, you matter, and you are special.

This is very different from the more minority headcase children of parents who hover constantly and tell their kid that they are something elite and highly special/important. They have ruined their child at the opposite end of the spectrum. I hate those kids. I'm not into physical punishment, but they need a boot in the rear and a metaphorical slap in the face to return to reality.

Bah... kids playing in places not safe.. everyone older did this. Bruises and cuts used to be a right of passage. Now it's an automatic sign of abuse.

De-politicize childhood.


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