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Posted by Gimwinkle on Tuesday, October 30 2018 at 06:58:35AM
In reply to greener pastures posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, October 30 2018 at 01:48:06AM

Just about any place you go in North America, you will find people who simply do not love their children enough to spend time with them. Usually, it's have a kid, spend 4 or 5 years raising them, then let them run around in the streets or parks on their own. You see this in almost all cities. The houses are cheapest, the streets are poorly kept, trash is floating everywhere, and kids, when not in school, are out playing in questionable environments because parents (usually just one) are not really all that involved in their lives because they are at one of two jobs they have, or are simply too lazy to get off welfare.

For me, (for various reasons) I was extremely poor and somewhat homeless. I found a job and a low rent trailer park and was inundated with youngsters craving love and attention. Because of my job, I quickly went from no money to enough to buy a car in full and take friends (grade school aged) to the beaches, shopping, or an airplane ride around the city. I had two single mothers wanting me to babysit their kids for free. Of course, that was back in the early 80's. Today, for my own good, I stay away from these kinds of places.

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